1-to-1 sparring and ESG Investments Club

1-to-1 sparring and ESG Investments Club

torstai joulukuu 2022
torstai joulukuu 2022
Paikka: ticket_iconHub Panostamo, Microkatu 1, 70210 Kuopio
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ūüĎČ On 8th¬†of December Mika Mononen (a senior deep tech business and technology expert and an angel investor)¬†is at Hub Panostamo to help companies. If you need 1-to-1 sparring about your business cases, book your private 30 minutes time with Mika at 2-3.30pm.

ūüĎČ At 3.30-4.30 pm everyone is welcome to join the ESG Investments Club where ESG-oriented angel investor Mika invites business oriented people to discuss ESG¬†Investments. Aim is to share ideas, collaborate, network and find good investment¬†opportunities¬†from deep tech companies.¬†

The 30-minute coaching sessions and the club will be held live at Hub Panostamo. Register by 5th of December. The coaching is open to everyone, and it is free of charge. You are also welcome to join our Little Christmas party afterwards, starting 4.30pm at Seventh Heaven.¬†ūüéĄūüéÖ

Register NOW: forms.gle/FZBa9XmPGXRFSRpd6

More information: www.hubpanostamo.fi / info@hubpanostamo.fi / 044 787 08 60

The event will be held at Hub Panostamo (Microkatu 1, L-section, 4th floor).¬†The quad has paid parking.¬†If you have challenges finding your destination, call: 044 787 08 60 / Henna¬†”

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